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Flare Phones have an array of Fortune 500 features to give your business or enterprise the tools it needs to stress-free efficiency. It’s never been more easy to communicate with anyone, anywhere on any device. Impress your customers with multiple channel contact center capabilities. Get everything you need in one complete, integrated solutions package. VoIP phone services, mobile, contact centers, web conferencing and much more!


Click the titles below to discover many of the Flare Phone features available to light up your business TODAY!

Business-VoIP-Phone1Ability to use intercom through the internet! Using Flare Phones you can page and intercom your business members either with our phones or remotely through the internet network.

voip-auto-attendantInteractive Voice Response attendant removes the need for a receptionist. Our powerful automated VoIP business service attendant is a great benefit.

Untitled-1Internet Faxing is a great perk. Online faxing service included with our plans. The ability to send and receive online faxes from any computer.

Untitled-1Allows you to have incoming calls redirected to different destinations in that ring group and all members in that group will ring at the same time.

backPowerful top tier voicemail feature. Listen and view your voicemails online delivered straight to your email.

DirectoryFlare phones gives you the option to build a contact directory from your company. List all of your business members in a easy to use list, containing member names and numbers.

call-recordingWith every Flare phone service we include call recording feature. Record your own incoming and outgoing calls, play them, download them or erase them.

Voice-ConferencingNo need to waste money on third party conference call providers, when Flare Phones offer phone conferencing with most plans. Hold your conference calls right from your Flare Phone solution at no extra charge.

personal-assistantFollow me is a great included feature. Follow me is for business professionals, when out of the office, can stay connected at all times of the day. Customize your phone to “follow’ you by ringing different numbers in a daisy chain effect or simultaneous, until you answer one of the specified numbers.

why-you-should-respond-to-my-email-or-callCallers have the ability to select an extension by dialing the name of the person they want to reach.

musicFlare phones Music on Hold plays recorded music or company messages while your callers are on hold giving your business a professional edge.

Untitled-1If you have existing VoIP numbers bring them over when you switch to Flare Phones.

Untitled-1Flare phones Softphone software transforms your computer into a next generation application that enables you to manage your communications easily and efficiently. Make, take and transfer calls and much more.


We use a high quality audio Codex high quality G.729 8kbps to ensure the best possible Flare Phone solutions service.